Combatting Cybercrime | Cybersecurity

27 Sep

Combatting cybercrime

Combating cybercrime by force Cybercrime is becoming a major social scourge in Africa as the rapidly developing continent finds itself in the crosshairs of digital criminals. Until recently, many nations on the continent were caught unawares by cyberattacks but this is set to change thanks to several digital security initiatives in combatting cybercrime are currently underway […]

Reporting a data breach | Cybercrime

20 Sep

data breach

Do I need to report a data breach? According to the POPI Act, an organisation that gathers personal information about others is required to report any data leak or breach in security in a timely manner. In other words, once you are aware of the data breach you should waste no time in informing the […]

Keep ID Info Safe | Personal Data Security

13 Sep

ID security

Stop sending your identity via email or WhatsApp Online scams and cybercrimes carried out using email, WhatsApp and other digital apps continue to affect smartphone users across the world. Despite multiple warnings in the media, including this article on WhatsApp scams published on our blog recently, the number of these incidents continues to rise. As a […]

Digital Wallets | Contactless Card Payment Security

6 Sep

digital wallets

Are Digital Wallets like Google and Apple Pay Safe to Use? Google Pay is now available in South Africa, joining Apple, Garmin and Samsung Pay in the ranks of contactless card payment solutions and digital wallets available for retail purchases across the country. If you’re keen to stop using a physical credit card or cash, Google […]

Website security | Cybersecurity

30 Aug

maintain strong website security

So you’re building a website? Here’s how to keep it safe A website is a fundamental marketing tool for any new business and for companies looking to expand their client base. But, setting up an e-commerce website for your business needs to be done in a way that maximises your online security. Your website is electronically […]

Public WiFi Data Privacy

23 Aug

public wifi data privacy

Travellers beware: the dangers of public WiFi and data privacy International travel is rebounding as vaccinated tourists board flights and book accommodation with a vengeance. If you’re joining the wave of post-COVID travellers, chances are you’ll find yourself in an airport, bus station, or public area that offers convenient free WiFi – but you’ll want […]

What is Cybersecurity | Cybersecurity

16 Aug

what is cybersecurity

The Importance of Cybersecurity and Why it Matters Read the news lately? Chances are, one of the first stories you’re likely to read will be about cybersecurity, data leaks, or the latest hacking incident at a major company. The online risks for every business have never been higher, with cybercrime estimated to cost enterprises around […]

Data and Small Business | Surviving Load Shedding

10 Aug

surviving load shedding

How your business and its data can survive load shedding Blackouts caused by the instability of the national power grid have been causing the business community headaches for over a decade, and when load shedding reaches level six, the risk of permanent data loss increases exponentially. Afrihost server outage disrupts business for over a week […]

Defend your Data | Cybersecurity

2 Aug

defend your data

Cybersecurity must haves to defend your data If you are a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’ve been  sounding the alarm about the rising tide of cyberattacks targeting SA companies and other institutions. Several large data leaks affecting well-known brands have been dominating the tech headlines since late last year, serving as […]

SA SMES face cyber threats | Cybercrime

26 Jul

Cybercrime: SA companies still at risk Scores of well-known companies across South Africa from ABSA to Dis-Chem, Shoprite to Transnet and many more, have fallen victim to cybercriminals over the past 12 months – yet businesses remain disturbingly unprepared for a cyberattack. We take a look at the latest findings from Kaspersky’s annual cybersecurity survey […]