Data is your responsibility | data backup

17 May

data is your responsibility

Make data your responsibility 365 days a year Today, productivity is taking place in the cloud more than ever before. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a time when we used to rely on physical storage like hard drives to keep our data safe. Switching to cloud-based apps and online backup for business and personal […]

Zero Trust Principles | Data Security

10 May

zero trust principles

Defining “zero trust principles” There’s an old saying in business: trust but verify. When it comes to the safety of your data, “don’t trust until you verify” may be the safest policy your organisation can pursue. The COVID pandemic instigated a hybrid work environment that required businesses to take a critical look at their cybersecurity […]

The future of work | AI

4 May

future of work

Here’s How AI Will Change the Future of Work AI has already changed the way we shop, collaborate with colleagues, and even line up a Friday night date – and that’s just the beginning. With virtual meetings, hybrid work arrangements, and the Metaverse redefining the way we do business, AI is set to play a […]

Mitigating Data Leaks | Part 2

26 Apr

mitigating data leaks

How to Reduce and Mitigate Data Leaks In the first article about data leakages, we took a deep dive into the causes and consequences that follow when private information from your business gets into the wrong hands. Preventing unauthorised access to privileged information is essential for every company in the digital age. In this article, […]

Understanding Data Leakages | Data Leaks Part 1

19 Apr

data leak

Understanding Data Leakages – Part 1 Cybercriminals are responsible for a huge amount of data-related crimes every year – but they aren’t the only ones responsible for the loss of sensitive business information. A data leak, which is often the result of employee carelessness or weak IT security policies, can cause crucial information to flow […]

Common WhatsApp scams | Mobile Apps

12 Apr

WhatsApp Scams

Most common WhatsApp scams – How to avoid them Millions of people use WhatsApp to communicate every day, but recently, users of  this essential app have been falling prey to scammers. The latest scams vary from promises of a weekly return on a specified donation to notification of the death of a family member who’s bequeathed […]

Protect Yourself from Hackers | TransUnion Hackers

5 Apr

TransUnion data breach

Here’s How to Protect Yourself from TransUnion Hackers (and any other Hackers) Last month, TransUnion (one of the biggest credit bureaus in the world) suffered a hacking attack at its SA subsidiary with a $15 million dollar ransom attached. More than 3 million client records were stolen during the attack and a further 6 million […]

How to find lost data | Data recovery

29 Mar

How can lost data be recovered? Have you ever tried to open a file on your computer only to find that it’s corrupted or not there at all? Be it a single file or an entire directory or hard drive, data loss can be a huge inconvenience for any business. Fortunately, there are some ways […]

Nespresso Data leak | Cybercrime

22 Mar

data leak

It’s a Caffeine hit with Nespresso Data leak Cybersecurity has been in the headlines a lot lately, with South African companies increasingly falling victim to hacking, malware, and data breaches. Two of South Africa’s best loved brands, Absa and Nespresso, recently had their share of cybercrime trouble when the companies suffered large data breaches in […]

Personal financial scams: how to respond 

15 Mar

personal financial scams

Being a victim of fraud is something we all want to avoid. Here’s how to avoid scammers and what to do when they strike. Fraud is one of the sneakiest types of crime, and if you’ve had the bad luck to be a victim of financial scammers, you’ll know just how upsetting and inconvenient it […]