Digital Passports | Mobile Apps

21 Sep

digital vaccine passport

Digital Vaccine Passports – Are They a Blessing or a Security Risk? Digital passports: are they the answer to opening up the country again or simply an unsecured backdoor left swinging in the wind? How would a digital vaccine passport affect, your business, and your personal life? These are the questions that need answering if […]

Best Password Advice | Passwords

14 Sep

best password advice

Passwords – Then and Now In the ‘good’ old days before the internet became our backyard, ‘passwords’ applied to secret dens at the bottom of the garden. Password advice was only given out to those granted secret access to these dens as part of the gang. Of course, not all passwords in those days related […]

WhatsApp Apps | App Security and Updates

8 Sep

WhatsApp apps

The Low Down on WhatsAppening to WhatsApp Apps Mobile apps have transformed the way we live our lives. From ordering online to keeping tabs on our health, from banking to gaming there’s an app for everything, and communication apps are a big part of the conversation. In fact, can you even remember how you conversed […]

Hackers | Message Mirroring Apps

30 Aug

mirroring apps

Can Hackers use Message Mirroring Apps to Bypass Security? Forty years ago, the world was a safer, and slower place. The internet was still in its infancy, and the need for online security would have featured low on a business’s to-do list. Fast forward to 2021, where online security, data storage and protection are now a […]

Data Backup Failure | Cloud Backup

24 Aug

data backup failure

How to Mitigate the Risk of Data Backup Failure with Cloud Backup Data – Backup Failure. These three words strung together could mean the difference between a short-term shutdown or permanent closure for many businesses. To ensure that their data management plans are effective, business owners need to get to grips with how and why […]

Common Website Cybersecurity Concerns

17 Aug

common cybersecurity concerns

While you were sleeping … a thief gained access and stole your valuables. A statement many in South Africa are not unaccustomed to hearing. This time however, the thief didn’t gain access through a broken window or smashed lock, they simply logged onto their PC and found a way into your website. The valuables?  Your […]

What is Data Management?

10 Aug

data management and storage

Data management is the new buzzword on the block for business owners who haven’t realised the importance of it – until now, that is. Organisations are responsible for the data they collect. They need to have valid reasons for collecting it and have the necessary measures to protect themselves from data breaches. To understand data […]

Mobile Apps – a threat to our digital privacy

3 Aug

Digital privacy

Some would say that mobile apps pose a serious threat to our digital privacy. And surely anything that represents a threat should be quickly and effectively eradicated, especially when it comes to our privacy? However, the suggestion of a world without Apps is sure to raise more than a few gasps. These nifty bite-sized pieces […]

Are You Up to Date with the Latest Tech Buzzwords?

27 Jul

tech buzzwords

If you’re a business owner wearing many hats and with a lot on your mind, you’re possibly not entirely up to date with the lingo in your IT department. The problem is that risks and threats are on the rise in the business landscape, and it doesn’t really matter if you’re a medium or small […]

Here’s how the Pandemic Has Changed Technology

20 Jul

pandemic has changed technology

The pandemic has done many things to the world – much of it negative. But out of the darkness and loss, there is some positive change. You can see this change in the software updates and features that show how the pandemic has changed technology. One of the biggest ways the pandemic has changed the […]