PayPal Plans for 2021 to Include Global Crypto Currency

23 Nov

PayPal Plans 2021

With 2021 just around the corner, people are beginning to look to the big names in the digital world for their intended updates to their business model. PayPal is one big name that’s not planning to disappoint. In fact, the company has great plans for its digital wallet platform as well as its various apps. […]

More Ransomware and Data Breaches Expected in 2021

16 Nov

2021 ransomware and data breaches

Covid-19 wasn’t the only pandemic to take the world by storm this year. As it turns out, hackers unleashed a pandemic of their own, mostly in the form of the ransomware and data breaches that swept the world. It would seem that when there’s more scope for remote work to be done, there’s more risk […]

Still ‘Zooming’ in From Home? Here’s How to Enable Encryption

9 Nov

When the world retreated and people started working from home at the beginning of 2020, data encryption and security were not yet top of mind for everyone. As face-to-face meetings migrated to remote meetings and new remote working software applications became a necessity, ‘Zoom’ was suddenly one of the new buzz words. This still relatively […]

The Evolution of Cloud-Based Software Among Digital Transformation

27 Oct

evolution of cloud-based software

According to statistics, cloud computing annual subscriptions will reach a whopping $1.7 billion by 2024 in South Africa alone. That’s saying a lot considering that the annual subscriptions in 2018 only reached a value of $370 million. The forecasts show an annual increase in subscriptions of 29% thanks to the evolution of cloud-based software. Aside […]

Do You Have a Ransomware Backup Plan?

20 Oct

ransomware backup plan

Let’s talk about data – your company data to be more specific, and of course your ransomware backup plan! Your data is probably one of the most valuable assets your business will ever have; valuable to you and sadly, just as valuable to cybercriminals. The data your business collects can be used to make better […]

Customer service management in a post-pandemic era

13 Oct

customer service

Pandemics have a way of bringing world-wide economies to their knees. One just has to take a look at the state of economies and local businesses in the wake of COVID-19 to see that. As businesses struggle to their feet and try to take up their place at the forefront of consumer markets once more, […]

What’s Up with WhatsApp? Hacks, New Features & Tips

9 Oct

What’s up with WhatsApp

So, have you heard What’sUp? Or rather What’s up with WhatsApp? It turns out, Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams’, WhatsApp account was hacked, and some sensitive information landed up in the hands of a third party. Whoa! What’sUp? Well, that was the reaction of many people across the country as many commented […]

Why Autonomous Cars Haven’t Taken to the Road – Yet

29 Sep

autonomous cars

With all the hype over self-drive cars over the years, one would think that they would already be swarming our roads, but they aren’t. Which brings us to the very important question of; why not? The reality of autonomous cars is that they are possible. In fact, Elon Musk himself is confident that he will […]

Algorithms at work in the gig economy

22 Sep

algorithms at work

You might not know it, but most of our activities are managed and affected by algorithms at work. Both in our personal and business lives, we are exposed to daily management by computer programs. Which is quite a scary thought. Today, Algorithms find you the right place to stay on Airbnb, they locate a nearby […]

The Experian Experience data breach & New Protection Laws

10 Sep

Experian Experience data breach

The recent Experian expeirence data breach is no secret. The cat is out of the bag! Over a million South Africans were notified of the data breach which took place on July 2020. On the 19th of August 2020, SABRIC announced that Experian’s data breach put the personal data of 24 million South Africans and […]