Ransomware Driving Crime | Ransomware

21 Mar

ransomware driving crime

Ransomware Driving Crime – Porsche SA Hits the Brakes After Faust Attack  High profile cyber attacks on prominent companies continue with no end in sight, and the famous luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche has become their latest victim. Known for its fast, high performance cars that combine speed and styling, Porsche South Africa saw its […]

ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI Bot | AI Technology

14 Mar

revolutionary AI bot

Is ChatGPT the newest cybersecurity threat?    The hot topic at almost any workplace meeting or social gathering since its release in November 2022 has been ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI bot that can, it seems, write almost anything. For those not yet familiar with this new technology, ChatGPT is fundamentally a chatbot that uses AI to […]

ROI Cybersecurity Budget | Cybersecurity

7 Mar

ROI cybersecurity budget

  Mitigating cyber risk with a cybersecurity budget and an ROI With companies falling prey to cybercriminals daily, you’d think that convincing management to approve your data security budget would be easy. The trick is to make them think so too. Realistically speaking, no matter how pressing the need for online security and cloud storage services may […]

Ransomware Attacks | Cloud Backup

28 Feb

ransomware attacks

Why are ransomware attacks so successful? Ransomware has become the number one worry on the minds of IT security experts, and company owners, and it doesn’t show any signs of disappearing. South African companies and individuals have been hit hard by cybercriminals over the past few years. The country ranked eighth in terms of ransomware […]

Load shedding Backup for Backup | Cloud Backup

21 Feb

load shedding backup

Do I need load shedding backup for my cloud backup? Every South African knows just how inconvenient load shedding can be, but when power cuts cause your cloud storage provider to go down it can mean serious data losses. That’s something that no business can afford at a time when electricity supply issues are causing […]

Cybersecurity Defence Tools 2023 | Secure Cloud Storage

14 Feb

cybersecurity defence tools

Critical Cybersecurity Defence Tools for 2023 The battle against cybercriminals is intensifying, with South African internet users suffering the third highest number of global cyberattacks in 2021. This year, it’s time to arm up and take on the hackers with a range of high level, cybersecurity defence tools, including secure cloud storage. Going into battle […]

Don’t be a Victim | Online Cyber Scams

7 Feb

online scams to avoid

Don’t be a Victim to Online Cyber Scams in 2023 February is here, and already 2023 is shaping up to be a great year – especially for cybercriminals. From blackmail to dark web posts about ransomware victims and even fake data leak reports, bad actors are making it harder than ever to stay safe online. […]

LastPass Password Breach | Data breach

31 Jan

Password Breach

LastPass admits to August security breach of customer data A weak password can seriously compromise your online security, but what happens when the online service that’s supposed to keep all your passwords safe in one place becomes the latest victim of cybercrime? LastPass, an innovative tech business that prides itself on giving users peace of […]

Data Cloud Threats | Cloud Storage

24 Jan

data cloud threats and storage

2023 data cloud threats hang dark  A record number of organisations are choosing to store their data in the cloud, and the risk of hacking and cybercrime events is likely to keep trending upwards. With South Africa ranking in the top 10 of the most costly countries for data breaches, and the only southern hemisphere […]

2022 Big Tech & Cloud Storage | Tech Trends

17 Jan

big tech and cloud storage trends

The year that was – big tech and cloud storage trends in 2022  The start of a new year is always an exciting time, and as we gear up to meet the challenges of 2023 it’s time to reflect on the tech world and how it changed over the past 12 months. With new technologies […]