Masking Up! There’s Even an App for That!

26 May

maksing up - apps for that

Who could ever have predicted that wearing a face mask would be a sign of the times when today, it seems to be the new norm and a long-term precaution! With companies eager to get back to work they need to ensure that they meet and implement a variety of conditions and measures which include […]

Back to Basics of Backing Up: How to Choose the Right File Sync & Backup

19 May

basics of backing up

2020 saw the whole work-from-home concept flourish. It’s not that people are starting up their own businesses from home, but rather that businesses are realising the value in having home-based and remote workers. Not only does this make for a happier workforce, but it also seems to boost productivity. Of course, with the convenience of […]

Connecting the Dots – What Connects a Network?

12 May

connecting a network

With more focus these days on working from home, it has become unavoidably apparent just how necessary the internet is in our daily lives. Being able to connect to the internet is something that we all need, in our work lives as well as our private lives. This reality is made even more apparent by […]

Best Software for Remote Working Teams, Meetings and Conferences

5 May

software for remote teams

As a business owner, you already know that COVID-19 has brought on a nationwide lockdown, but it doesn’t mean that your business has to close for business entirely. Many business owners have come up with innovative ways to continue operating online, with their employees working remotely. While this is the new norm, for now, there […]

How to reduce the risk of cyberattacks with a remote workforce

21 Apr

stay home remote workforce

Mid-April 2020, and people the world over find themselves working remotely from home. No one could have predicted that setting up your business as a remote workforce might be the new norm, until such time as some other kind of normalcy begins. With new norms, come new challenges and what many in-office work forces are […]

Opportunistic criminals ramp up cyber-attacks during challenging times

14 Apr

opportunistic criminals

While the world is paralysed in fear and heavily distracted by COVID-19, cybercriminals seem to have focused their attention on the WHO (World Health Organisation). Responsible for directing international public health within the United Nations, the primary objective of WHO is to ensure that all countries are advised on correct health procedures and are fully […]

Hackers don’t break in; they log in

8 Apr


When we think of hackers, we tend to visualise clever online criminals who use sophisticated software to decode or crack passwords and gain access to accounts. In most instances this just isn’t the case, as many people unwittingly hand their password over to a hacker without even realising it. Cybersecurity officials are faced with the […]

Surprisingly Hackable IoT Devices

31 Mar

IoT smart home

If you are currently deeply enfolded in the convenience of connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the home, you’re possibly not prone to thinking about considering the risks that they can pose. Just as the IT infrastructure in your office can be hacked, so to can your home IoT devices be attacked by the […]

Cyber-attack threats – the risk of not knowing what you don’t know

24 Mar

The KnowBe4 African Report on cyber-attacks in African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco and more really does uncover some interesting statistics. The survey, which was carried out in 2019, tells us the following: The majority of people in the country are worried about cybercrime; A quarter of the respondents had no idea […]

Tracking the Facebook activities of potential employees

17 Mar

facebook activities of potential employees

Present-day laws and regulations make it particularly difficult for an employer to fire an employee once the contracts have been signed and the first few months of employment have passed. But what do you, as an employer, do when you end up hiring the wrong person? Some would say that ‘prevention is better than cure’ […]