Prevention better than cure | Data Loss  

29 Nov

prevention better than cure

Data loss – Prevention is Cheaper and Better than the Cure When it comes to potential threats that could cost your business thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of Rands, “don’t worry about it” may not be the best strategy. Yet that’s exactly what some business owners say about data security. As the South African […]

Cyber defence for SMBs | Cloud Based Security Solutions

22 Nov

cloud-based storage solutions

Cloud-based security solutions for SMBs A major shift in the cybersecurity landscape is taking place this year as small businesses find themselves targeted by hackers and other bad actors in the online space. Ransomware attacks, which typically used to affect larger companies because of their ability to pay extravagant amounts of money, are now shifting […]

Think Like a Cybercriminal | Cybercrime

15 Nov


Detect and protect – Think like a cybercriminal There are more than five billion internet users in the world, and every one of them is a potential target for cybercriminals. With ransomware attacks and other types of cybercrimes increasing by the year, online security vigilance is no longer a nice to have for businesses and families. […]

Held to Ransom | Ransomware

8 Nov

held to ransom

Never too small to be held to ransom Ransomware attacks affect businesses of all sizes, and although it’s usually the big names that make it into the media reports an increasing number of SMEs are falling prey to cybercrime and being held to ransom. As a small business owner, online security needs to be one […]

Security Centric Approach | Digital Acceleration    

1 Nov

security centred approach

Finding a security centric-approach in a world of digital acceleration The days when your company’s IT department was a separate realm, consisting of a few quiet tech gurus in a small room with plenty of coffee, are well and truly over. With digital integration, technology has become front and centre in almost every business – even […]

Fighting ransomware | Cloud Backup Fundamentals

25 Oct

Cloud backup fundamentals

Cloud backup fundamentals: fighting ransomware with immutable storage It seems like every news report carries a story about a company being targeted by ransomware, with some of the biggest companies in SA being prime targets. In a world where data can be taken hostage, what can business owners do to protect their sensitive information from […]

Meta Warns of fake apps | App Security

18 Oct

Fake apps

Meta warns of fake apps that ask you for your facebook passwords Next time you download an app and sign in using your Facebook credentials, you could be giving cybercriminals access to your password and even worse, your online identity. Meta-  the parent company that owns Facebook – has been warning users to be vigilant […]

 Going to war over data | Data leaks

11 Oct

going to war over data

Is your data worth going to war over – data leaks need to be plugged Information has become so valuable in the 21st-century that it’s worth a lot more than oil. In reality, it’s probably as valuable as the water we drink and the air we breathe and could even be worth going to war […]

Combatting Cybercrime | Cybersecurity

27 Sep

Combatting cybercrime

Combating cybercrime by force Cybercrime is becoming a major social scourge in Africa as the rapidly developing continent finds itself in the crosshairs of digital criminals. Until recently, many nations on the continent were caught unawares by cyberattacks but this is set to change thanks to several digital security initiatives in combatting cybercrime are currently underway […]

Reporting a data breach | Cybercrime

20 Sep

data breach

Do I need to report a data breach? According to the POPI Act, an organisation that gathers personal information about others is required to report any data leak or breach in security in a timely manner. In other words, once you are aware of the data breach you should waste no time in informing the […]