Beware of ChaptGPT False Promises

30 May

ChatGPT False Promises – Is AI a Hacker’s Dream Come True? Artificial intelligence has taken a huge leap forward recently with ChatGPT showing off its ability to write text that resembles human output. Many companies are experimenting with this technology to simplify their business communication processes – and as usual, hackers aren’t far behind. While […]

BYOD Hybrid environment | Cybersecurity

23 May

BYOD Hybrid environment

Creating a smarter Bring Your Own Device Hybrid environment Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in our modern-day hybrid environment has become a common workplace policy around the world. With many employees now working from home and the office, they choose to use the latest tablets and laptops without the limitations of having a company-issued device. […]

7 Biggest Cybersecurity Risks

16 May

Cybersecurity Risks and Threats Cybersecurity is in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, and business owners in SA are joining their international counterparts in worrying about the invisible online threat that can cost companies a fortune. Dealing with an invisible enemy means that you’ll need to be aware of the specific risks on […]

Discarded Routers – Hacker Opportunity | Router Security

9 May

discarded routers

Discarded routers an opportunity for hackers If you had  to clean out your office storeroom right now, you might just find a few old WiFi routers lying about taking up valuable space.  But before you get rid of these items for good you may want to wipe them completely – before hackers get hold of them […]

 Secure your New Business | Cybersecurity

4 May

secure your new business

Secure your New Business for the Future: Cybersecurity for Entrepreneurs  If you’re thinking of starting a business or growing your SME this year, you’re probably already preparing for a number of challenges. Load shedding, the weak Rand, and inflation are difficult enough, and now there’s one more risk to navigate: increased risk of cyberattacks. More […]

Understanding data backup and recovery solutions | Cloud backup

26 Apr

How does data backup and recovery keep your crucial information safe? With all the headlines about data leaks, ransomware, and cyber attacks, you have every reason to be concerned about the safety of your business data. Data backup and secure cloud storage are key tools for keeping your business information safe, but if you’re not […]

Default Passwords | Password Security

25 Apr

Don’t default on your commitment to password security What’s the one thing you must do to protect your cybersecurity, even though you hate doing it? If you answered, “creating a password”, you’re dead right. Passwords are an essential barrier against cybercriminals and believe it or not, they’re still extremely effective as long as they’re complex enough […]

WhatsApp scams Increase | Apps

18 Apr

Watch out for new WhatsApp scams Most people these days use WhatsApp to stay in touch, and work teams frequently communicate with colleagues using the popular app. Unfortunately, cybercriminals keep finding ways of impersonating WhatsApp contacts and that could lead to serious financial losses for unsuspecting victims. We have posted before about the dangers of […]

Secure your New Financial year | Digital Security

11 Apr

Start the new financial year digitally secure The new financial year is a great opportunity to regroup and strategise for major business success in 2023/24. With a challenging year ahead of thanks to load shedding and the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, companies will need to be extra strategic to safeguard their physical and digital assets […]

FNB App Data Breach | Data Loss

28 Mar


FNB under fire after major data breach on its app Applying for a bond using your bank’s smartphone app is supposed to make life easier, but for some FNB clients the experience turned into a nightmare recently when customer information was accidentally leaked to fellow users from the FNB app. FNB customers started to report […]