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How it works


Choose your package + download Soteria Backup Software

Choose the package you want under home or business. Download and install Soteria Guardian Client software on your PC or Mac Our backup software works on any version of MS Windows as well as Mac OS X, and all Linux variants! We have a solution for everyone, whether it be a Laptop, Desktop, or Server you are wanting to backup.


Choose files + set time + password

Choose the files you want to have backed up Also make sure to set the time and day to have it automatically backed up daily or weekly.

Your initial backup could take some time depending on the size of your data You also have the option of doing "Initial backup seeding" where we send you a USB stick/drive and you send it back to us with your data, all postage paid!

You get to choose the encryption password and we never store it, so without this password your data is unreadable to anyone else. It is however, of vital importance that you keep your password in a safe place!


Fully automated

Just install backup software, set & forget. All backups run seamlessly in the background, every day (if you set it to daily), without you doing anything. And every day we can send you a report so that you know its working!



Restore your files easily and at anytime to an existing computer or a new one. You can also retrieve individual files through your web browser from anywhere in the world.

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