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Soteria Online Backup Software

Soteria Software Backup Program

Soteria uses advanced online back up software that gives users a wide selection of leading edge functionality and flexibility in their options. Users of Soteria's services can have the peace of mind that the best technology is looking after their critical data. The Soteria backup program is also easy to use and very efficient in its operation.

Here are some of the advantages offered to users of the Soteria "backup & restore" online backup software program:

- One solution for all the different types of backups.
No matter what kind of backup you want to do - files, disk images, virtual machines, databases, applications, etc. it does not matter. This one back up program will do it all for you.

- Flexible scheduling of multiple backups.
Backups can be scheduled on a weekly, daily, hourly and continuous automatic basis. Backup jobs can be configured to run one after the other or multiple jobs can be scheduled to run at the same time.

- "Seeding" where large amounts of data is involved
If there is a large amount of data to be backed up, Soteria offers an option where a data backup can be done to a local external disk that can then be sent to our offices here in South Africa for backup directly from this disk to our servers. This avoids the possibility of having to wait days for large amounts of data to be fully backed up.

- Flexible retention options
Retention policies for the backed up data can be set based on the number of versions and/or age of the different versions. These policies can be applied against individual files or whole folders.

- Integrity and Security of data
All data is encrypted on the fly with a military strength encryption algorithm and checks are made during transfer that the data stored on our servers is identical as the data on the source computer.

- Secure and Instant Data Restore
In the event that data or files have to be restored this is done instantly after authentication of the encryption password. Data can be restored to the original machine, backup server or replications server. Any version of a file can be selected to be restored.
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