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Server Backups

Soteria Server Backup

Soteria Backup service can do full or incremental server backups and application aware data recovery for applications servers such as
  • MS Exchange Servers
  • MS Exchange Mailbox backup and Mail level restore
  • MS SharePoint Servers
  • CPanel Servers

As well as for database environments such as:
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

MS Exchange Server Backup

Soteria supports backing up of all versions of MS Exchange server. This is done efficiently by using Exchange Server APIs without impacting the live server at all. Soteria can back up the entire server or individual databases in the storage group.

Soteria can do incremental log backups of Exchange Server, or a Synthetic Full Backup where complete full backup or dump of the selected databases and all necessary log files is done, but only the changed data with respect to the previous full backup is uploaded to the backup server.

Exchange Mailbox Backup and Mail Level Restore

Soteria can either back up users' mailboxes from an Exchange Sever, or it can backup at a folder level (e.g. the Inbox of a user) or even a sub-folder level.

Soteria can also restore individual e-mails back to the Exchange server.

SharePoint Backup

Soteria supports site-collection level backup of most SharePoint versions. It uses SharePoint server APIs to backup SharePoint site-collections. Soteria uploads just the changed data during the incremental backups.

cPanel Backup

Soteria backup software installed in a cPanel Server can backup the websites (domains) on a shared web hosting managed by a cPanel control panel.

Soteria backs up the entire home directory, MySQL databases, email forwarder settings, email filter settings and offers a fine granular restore of the cPanel accounts. All the accounts can be recovered in a single click in case of server crash, or one may only recover specific accounts.

SQL Backup

Soteria supports full, differential and transaction log backups of Microsoft SQL servers. Full backup backs up the entire database, differential backup backs up only modified extents since the previous full backup, and transaction log backup backs up the active portion of the transaction log.

Oracle Backup

Soteria supports hot backups of databases in Oracle 9i, Oracle 10G and Oracle 11G. Soteria uses Oracle's RMAN utility to backup making sure the data is consistent and efficiently backed up.

MySQL Backup

Soteria supports full as well as incremental MySQL database backups. This can be done while data is online and accessible, and yet the data backed up is always consistent.

PostgreSQL Backup

Soteria supports backup of PostgreSQL databases using the internal PostgreSQLDump utility (pg_dump) available in the local machine. Soteria supports full and incremental PosgreSQL database backups.

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